The Gator-Grip GRANDÉ

A great CLEAN-UP tool for delicate screens & squeegees, as well as buckets.

The Gator Grip GRANDÉ

The wing nuts work as "feet".

Easily remove the spreader by loosening the wing nuts.


The Gator Grip GRANDÉ is designed to recover more valuable ink from the silk screen and squeegee.

The HDPE spreader is flexible and has rounded corners and no sharp edges that could cut the screen.

The spreader is clamped between the jaws and is readily removable for cleaning or replacement.

The adjustable wing nuts that create the clamping force also act as "feet" so the tool may be set on a surface while upholding the contaminated spreader.

The handle is comfortable in the hand and gives the user superior control over the use of the spreader while keeping the user's hand clean.

The NEW Gator Grip GRANDÉ for larger work areas.

4 ½" wide
7 ½" long
3" x 6" spreaders

The sturdy aluminum handle keeps hands clean.
The wing nuts act like "feet" to keep the messy spreader off of surfaces.
Easy to remove spreader makes cleaning easier.
Wide spreader for cleaning larger buckets.
Includes 2 spreaders.

The Gator Grip GRANDE' removing ink from a commercial silk screen.


Removing the spreader from a Gator-Grip GRANDÉ.